Troy Tyler, a native of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, always had a love for singing. He started around the house and admits he wasn't that good. He'd always sing for his parents who would tell him the truth about his voice; it wasn't great. But he kept at it singing every chance he got. He would sing with his father, a musician in his own right, and take the high notes while his father took the lower ones. Later on, Troy took vocal lessons that he said: "really helped me with breathing and voice control."   

Since the end of last year, Troy has been hard at work on creating more than ever before. Focusing on song structure and writing, he's managed to turn his experiences into something that a wide range of people can relate to.    

To date, “90’s R&B” has collected over 1 million streams between Spotify and Apple Music and was named one of Milwaukee's 10 best songs of that year.  Tyler’s new album, Violet, seeks to extend that reach, and deliver a much wider audience to the artist who has spent over a year recording at Milwaukee’s Sonica studios to record the LP.    

Violet finds Troy Tyler honing a sound that’s as native to 2 a.m. club woofers as it is on a car stereo with the lights glistening off of the hood. It’s without a doubt his most accomplished release yet.   

“I sing every chance I get,” Tyler says. “This album reflects my love of music, no matter the time or place. It’s a document of all the melody, feeling, and growth I’ve experienced over the last year. And it’s the purest means I have of expressing my development as an artist.” 

Troy Tyler 90's R&B

The full photo used for the cover of Violet.